Initiating the Bold Journey

Where did we come from?  

Technology Masters L.L.C. was founded after we recognized that the operational potential of many small businesses are minimized by discounting the management of technology. We observed how large companies were able to maximize employee benefit and customer service because they invest full-time into dedicated IT staff: researching, planning, implementing and protecting information technology.   

A recurring trait of the successful small business is 100 percent focus on customer, market and growth. Busy entrepreneurs aren’t likely focus concentration, much less fund full time staff to analyze and implement technology trends. As such, many businesses lose out on opportunities for bold new efficiencies.  

Technology Masters L.L.C. is dedicated to providing technology strategy and services to the entrepreneur by providing effective technology leadership at a part-time price. Technology Masters L.L.C. can analyze, plan and implement the technology your employees need and your customers value.

Why are we here?  

Simply: To Go Bold.

We shift small business technology to big enterprise mentality.  

Technology Masters L.L.C. lifts it’s customers from the unpredictable environment of "run it ’till it breaks" to the predictability of hardware/software roadmaps and proactive services. The efficiency garnered through increased uptime, predictable upgrades and budgeted replacements will increase employee productivity and add reliability to transactions and customer service. It may even strike trepidation into the competition.  

Plan to Go Bold without going broke. Technology Masters L.L.C. advances the dependability and reach of the growing business. We cultivate technology solutions that complement and grow to match your own business ingenuity.  

Mapping the Value of Technology in the Connected Marketplace

Exploiting a tech industry cliché, we are all experiencing an evolving and connected world. This is no longer our parent's business network. Day over day, we see traditional tools like email and web sites morph into blogs and wikis. Demands for availability and competition for quality of life open new values for work site mobility and computer portability.
Today's consumers of general commerce have new standards and expectations for full-time availability, flexibility of transactions, communication of needs and collaboration of ideas. This paradigm shift manifests the new connected marketplace.
We at Technology Masters L.L.C. believe that operating a business reliably within the connected marketplace requires strength in three key pillars of technology: Security, Connectivity and Efficiency.

Security – Safety of your connected marketplace assets; business tools, people and information allows your venture to remain available and connected to your customers. There are real villains and threats lurking on the Internet today. Whether these menaces are looking for a piece of your action or simply looking to sow a little anarchy, a prudent information technology strategy can thwart their advances and provide continuity to your business.

Connectivity – Solid networks, voice/data provisioning and reliable access/storage is required for a strong communication and collaboration backbone.

Efficiency – Every business owner can derive valuable differentiation and better margins by refining how work is accomplished and delivered. Technology can abstract the tediousness of the back-office so that the entrepreneur can concentrate on the execution of their business vision.

CIO's and their legions of staff strive to implement projects and roadmaps supporting these pillars for large companies. Small companies need the same benefits, but require the flexibility to focus their limited resources on business execution. Technology Masters L.L.C. serves to externalize the foundation and support for these three key pillars.  Our services and solutions provide strength to the core pillars and shift the burden of technology strategy to our team.

Who are we?

Technology Masters L.L.C. is led by two respected IT Professionals.

Kris Quinby

Photo of Kris QuinbyKris anchors our service offerings by blending his background as a skilled technology analyst and information security professional with his experience as a small business owner.  After ten years of maintaining complex computer systems, Kris transitioned to be a small business owner when he and his wife assumed ownership of the family's private security firm.  Kris founded Technology Masters with the idea of bringing technology leadership to small business.  The idea was born after witnessing how small business owners hampered their businesses by believing great technology was "only for the big companies."   Kris currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and children. 

Jeff Andersen

Jeff AndersenJeff brings 17 years of enterprise information technology services and management. Jeff has created and led several technology teams servicing Fortune 5 and Fortune 500 companies in sites spanning the United States. Jeff’s most recent corporate experience extends to software engineering program management and development for a globalized Fortune 5 company. Jeff resides in Portland Oregon with his wife and young daughter.


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