CIO Services

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  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Services
  • Upgrading your Anti-Spam protection
  • Remote Backups
  • Web Hosting (Windows or Linux
  • Telecommuter or Remote Worker set-up
  • Network Service Monitoring
  • Mobile/Workstation/Server Lifecycles
  • Managed Security Services
  • Front Office Support
  • Software Licensing & Compliance
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Is your technology working as hard as you are?

Technology Masters can show you cost effective ways to reduce the amount of time you spend on your technology so you can concentrate on your business!.


Plan to go bold without going broke

Technology Masters is focused on advancing small businesses.  Many small businesses both ignore technology and do just enough to "get by", or they haphazardly implement the latest, greatest gadget without a plan. Technology Masters offers an alternative solution.

We are a full service technology consulting firm dedicated to helping small businesses maximize the dependability and stability of their technological infrastructure.  We offer technology planning and solutions that complement your business and are able to grow with your business.

Stop taking generic advice about what works best, contact Technology Masters for advice specific to your business.  We can translate all the technical jargon and acronyms in to language you understand.

Let us show you that proactively managing your computers and other technology will make your employees more productive and let you concentrate your efforts towards growing your business.

Technology Masters is a Portland, Oregon based small business so we understand "expensive" solutions aren’t what small businesses are looking for.  Our solutions are cost-effective and we can reduce the amount of time you waste on poorly implemented technology.

Our Benefits:

With our help, it is possible for your business to have:

  • A plan to link with your customers using technology at-hand. We will match technology options to your workflows.
  • Safe computers that support productivity while also protecting your company data against spyware, viruses and data loss.
  • Hierarchies of security that protect customer information and facilitate access for whom you choose.
  • A common place to store and access reference information needed by your employees.
  • Flexible email, calendaring and collaboration systems.  


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